How to link your IRC server with your WordPress website.

Dalek IRC Services are a set of IRC Services, which are written in PHP, designed to work along-side WordPress.

Why? Because integration! But also, see here.

The ability to link your IRC services accounts directly to your WordPress user-base gives you more creative control over how your users register, manage their profile, and validation procedures, which tie neatly into IRC.

With compatibility with several popular WordPress plugins, you can really make use of managing users over website and IRC. For example, using the Disable User Login plugin to disable an account, will propagate to IRC, and they will be logged out of their account, or removed from the network, or whatever you set it to do.

WordPress administrators automatically have access to OperServ and higher access to the other Serv’s like ChanServ and NickServ. Logins work seamlessly, as, for compatibility, Dalek IRC Services use the same password hasher as WordPress (specifically, WordPress’s own version of phpass). You can set a new password over IRC or on your website, however, websites will allow you to use white-spaces in your password, which is also valid in SASL authentication. This means by using WordPress as a user-base, passwords can be stronger.

Avoid worrying about client-side auto-recovery. What I mean is, if you were to disconnect because of a ‘Ping timeout’, and were to have NickServ’s SET REGAINONSASL (regain-on-sasl), as soon as you reconnect using the same account from the same IP, your account will be automatically recovered and your nick changed to your registered nick. This can save on users having to implement something in their clients to recover their username on a server, as these Services can handle it for them automatically.

Using Dalek IRC Services is a good idea if you want to run a private server which requires registration, as the registration mechanism is external to IRC. OperServ also has a function called SERVERINVITE which lets you generate a One-Time Password (“invitation code”) to give to someone to use as SASL credentials, ideal for business solutions and development areas.

If you would like demo a setup, please email me at [email protected] for a server invitation code.