So, as you may hear people say, IRC is dying. People don’t generally give much more feedback than that about IRC. Yet IRC still holds strong for many nerds around the net.

Why? Why is IRC dying?

Well, probably because things like mobile apps and browsers are advancing in ways that IRC just can’t.

So what do we do? Some say let it die. Some say they will continue to use it.

Me, I think we should bring IRC along with mobile apps and browsers, hold hands with each other instead of try to beat each other, take each other along for the ride!

And so why wouldn’t you want something which helps you access IRC from your phone, and there are a few apps for this. Logic follows that your IRC server should know how to talk to your website relatively easily, right? Imagine all the things you could build.

Having a link between the browser-face of your site and the IRC server for your customers, you can create and provide things such as:

  • Helpdesk/Customer Support on your website
  • Quick and efficient communications system for your employees
  • Moderated public chat platform

As long as you can make or control something, you can relay it over your IRC and control it from your website.

And so, that is the mission; to create an efficient link between IRCd and website, providing you much, much more ability for customisation and creation.

I hope you like whatever you find.

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