Valerian Clock


In an effort to make this world fit me, seeing as I cannot fit into this world, I have made a new clock which consists of a five-day week. This is to better fit my body clock due to constant sleep disregulation, through which I’ve discovered my body clock will always be different.

I’ve tried different medications to try regulating my sleep, which work for a small number of days but, unfortunately it is always to no avail, as I always end up constantly drowsy or waking up extremely late even after an early night.

Four of five of these days are 32hours long, the fifth day is roughly 35 hours long.

The names of these five days are Velodas, Loquedas, Pondas, Imperidas and Requidas.


I’ve used a combination of Latin, an archaic language, and Tamrielan, a fictional language used by the people of Tamriel in the game series “Elder Scrolls”

The Tamrielan used in the day names are suffixed as “-das” (“day”).

The day names and their meanings:

Velox is a Latin word meaning “swift” or “rapid”, combined with “-das” to mean “Quick day”, which is a day for catching up on any work or completing any tasks that would not have been completed from the day before.

Loquere is a Latin word meaning “Speak”, which is a day to commit effort into communications, whether it be social events or finally making that phonecall that you’ve been putting off.

Pondero is a Latin word meaning “Reflect”, and so this day will be used refine and to better yourself, in skill, understanding, knowledge, mental self-care, routine, daytime structure or hobby.

Imperium is a Latin word meaning “Empire” in this context. This day is for taking note of your home, which is your Personal Empire. Take care of your home as completely as you can for the days that follow.

Requiem is a Latin word meaning “Rest”, a day for relaxing and physical self-care. This day is for peacefulness. Leave any hardships for tomorrow.

You can find the Valerian time and day at the top of every page on this website, or you can click this link for a plaintext version.