I like code and music LOL nuff said

Since I was young, I chatted on IRC. I love da IRC. IRC 4 Lyf muddafukka

It provided me a place that, no matter where I was in the world, I would always have a home: you guessed it; IRC.

So what is IRC? IRC is short for Internet Relay Chat. I became fascinated with the internal workings of it, and so I learned to code, got gud and now I got rekd, pEoPlE dOn'T LeAvE mE aLoNe


Now I am a bigger IRC nerd than I was before and I write IRC codes lol rip.

What I'm working on:

I'm currently working on a wordpress integration tool for IRC in the form of IRC Services, so leave me alone! or ask me about it.

If you're after code:

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